Sciatica Pain Gone

My word of knowledge was sciatica back pain that goes down to the legs. The first woman I prayed for had been in a motorcycle accident three years prior. She had constant back pain, 10 out of 10 when I started praying. I started praying by commanding the back pain to decrease in Jesus’ name. It went down to an 8. 

I prayed again and asked Jesus to come touch her body and to decrease the pain. It went down to a 6. I prayed again, rebuking the physical membrane trauma and asking Jesus to take the trauma away from the accident. She was then down to a 4. I prayed again speaking to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves commanding them to be still in Jesus’ name. I commanded new muscles to grow and asked the Lord to give her new nerves. It went down to a 2, 80% better!

Lance, GSSM

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