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September Brazil 2013 – 10 Year-old Has Knee Healed

Two women brought up a young 10 yr old girl for prayer. They tried to tell me what was wrong but were not able to communicate. I tried to ask her where the pain was or what she wanted healed. The young girl tried to communicate but became frustrated and began seeking an interpreter. Finally one was found and was able to share that she had pain in her left knee. 

(Earlier in the day I had a word of knowledge of pain in the knee cap.) I had her sit down on a step and extend her leg. Interpreter explained that she was to let us know if something was going on. I asked Holy Spirit to come and touch her knee. I commanded the inflammation to go down and the pain be gone in Jesus name. She winched in pain and said it was stronger. I then took the authority my Jesus gave me and commanded, “You foul thing causing pain go now.” I then asked her what she was feeling. She said, “Gone.” I asked her to bend her leg – no pain. We clapped and praised Jesus. Then I prayed a blessing over her and with that she fell into my lap. She was under the presence for about 10 minutes. When I looked around, the women who brought her were no longer there and she was alone. At that moment, another young girl came up and she sat with her friend until she got up. We all hugged and thanked Jesus and they left. Yeah God! – Merry 
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