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September Brazil 2013 – Back Healed as Metal Dissolves

I had a word of knowledge that someone had been in an accident and damaged their spine and had metal in their back. A lady stood up and I was taken to her because she could not stand in line. She told me she had been in an accident which damaged her spine.

She had screws in her spine and was in a lot of pain. She couldn’t move very much, no bending at the waist or twisting. She was very stiff. I soaked her in prayer, breaking off trauma and fear along with other things. She went down under the power of the Spirit for about 15 minutes. During this time I went to find her husband to make sure she wouldn’t leave as I wanted to talk to her again. When I saw her again, her face was so different. The fear was gone. She said the pain was gone but she still couldn’t move much. I prayed again and she began to move forward a bit. I prayed again and she bent forward a little more and twisted a bit. I prayed some more and she bent over almost touching her toes, twisting and moving. She began to get excited. She had no pain and full movement in her back. I found my camera to make a video and had her bend over and twist. At the end she was jumping up and down laughing. Praise Jesus! – Monique
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