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September Brazil 2013 – Grandmother & Granddaughter Healed

An older woman with multiple health issues (slow heart rate, difficulty breathing, glaucoma, pain in eyes along with burning and dryness, stomach pain for 12 years, gout in her right leg with pain going up to the knee) came for prayer. 

I started praying for her heart asking the Lord to steady the heartbeat/rhythm. After a short time, she said her heart felt lighter and she could take deep breaths which she could not do before. I began to pray for her eyes and had her place her hands on her eyes and I put mine over hers. I prayed for the natural moisture to be restored and healed. She started groaning and bending over. I waited about a minute while the Lord was still working. Then we checked to see if her sight was better. We were at the front of the church and before prayer she could not see the banner in the back with her glasses. Now she could read the banner without her glasses.

She said her feet were hurting, so I started praying for a vitamin deficiency. The pain was at a ten. The pain began decreasing. I prayed again and the pain went away and she was able to bend her ankle which she couldn’t do before. I asked if I could pray for her stomach. She said that the pain was already gone.

Then she asked me to pray for her granddaughter who had 40 percent vision in her right eye. The little girl was crying, scared and didn’t want to be prayed for. Couelo came to pray to speak to her. I called out fear. He prayed for her eye and she was able to get 90 percent of her sight. She was able to see the banner and letters on the stage which she could not do before. – Chandra

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