Set Free from Childhood Rejection

Felita Lin would shake each time I touched her to pray. The more intensely I prayed the more she shook. After about 10 minutes, she fell back under the power of the Spirit. 

It appeared that she was manifesting in a way that was not Holy Spirit, so I asked for help in getting deliverance prayer. As Stephanie talked with her, she took her back to the point in time at which rejection entered her life. She remembered crying all night as a 2 year old and going to her mother and father’s room for comfort, knocking on the door and being ignored. She went back to the event with Jesus who showed the open door but there was still something blocking her entrance. When she was able to forgive her parents, the door to her parents’ room opened and light was shining and her parents welcomed her into the room. She was delivered from the rejection she had had her entire life. She was then instructed to receive and speak forth with the authority that she has through Chris Jesus. She went away with a smile on her face.

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