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Severe Intestinal Pain Goes After Forgiveness Occurs

I prayed for was a young girl named Evelyn, probably late teens or early 20s, who had pretty severe pain in her right abdominal area. She said her intestines had some disease that was very painful, but she didn’t say what the name of the disease was.

We prayed three times for a couple minutes each time. There was no change. The pain remained. Finally I asked her if she needed to forgive anyone, and she thought for a moment and said yes. She was angry and resentful at her father for being verbally abusive and habitually using hurtful words. Once she forgave him and asked God to bless him, we prayed for her intestines again. All the pain left. She pushed and prodded on her abdomen in the area that had been hurting. The pain was completely gone! She was amazed, very excited, and very grateful. – Dave
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