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Severe Shoulder Pain Healed, Knot in Neck Disappears After WOK Given

A woman came up to me having severe soreness in her shoulders that had been bothering her for several years. She also had a knot in her neck for six years. (She had no explanation for what it was or why it was there.) 

Immediately, I heard the word forgiveness. I decided to start with her shoulders first. I prayed a simple prayer and when she checked it she raised her arms to a point where she couldn’t before. Completely healed! So then I prayed for the knot and nothing happened. I prayed again. Nothing happened. Then I released the word for forgiveness and told her I felt like something happened six years ago. She told me that something had happened but it had already been forgiven. So I said okay and prayed again. This time when I thanked the Lord for restoration I felt the knot start to disappear until it was completely gone. Her face lit up! I don’t know why it happened after I brought up the forgiveness but maybe she just needed to be reminded of His restoration. Either way, I learned to never hold back a word of knowledge when you’re scared of being wrong. Such a good teaching moment for me! Praise God!
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