Severed Spinal Cord Drastically Healed!

Perhaps the most notable healing that had begun was with Horgue, who was in a wheel chair with a severed spinal cord.  I teamed up with Ron from Bethel Atlanta Church (which is associated with Bethel in Redding, California).  I was unsure what had gone on before I got there, but I started to pray for him also.  The result of our prayers was that all the pain left his back and he was able to bend forward at the waist for the first time since his injury. His legs and back felt like they were on fire. I took his feet off of the foot rests and he felt electrical impulses in his feet after I prayed for them.  He was not able to stand yet- but wait a second!  A person with a severed spinal cord near the waist cannot bend forward and does not have feeling in his legs or feet. That was amazing, he was over joyed.  We encouraged him to have faith that the Lord would continue the healing process that started so dramatically! – John, Dentist

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