Shaking & Heat Manifested As God Works in Child’s Life!

I had been asking God to let me pray for and see a major healing. When I saw a lady bringing a young boy towards me for prayer I was really excited. He walked awkwardly and flung his arms around and twitched a lot.

His hips, ribs and feet were all out of alignment. His mother said he was born like this. I was full of faith and expectation that God would heal him. As I began to pray he started getting hotter and hotter. I’ve felt people get hot before but this was way more intense than anything I’ve ever felt before. Then he started shaking and after about 15 minutes he fell forward onto his knees

I asked his mother if the shaking or heat was normal for him as he twitched and moved a lot anyway, but she said that this was different. I knelt beside him and continued praying, commanding healing, and breaking off any inherited curses. After about 10 more minutes he stood up and he had a beautiful smile on his face. I asked him what he was feeling and he said that “something special was happening in him.” (He was 12 but seemed about 8.) I told him it was God’s healing power and that God wanted to show him how much he loved him. He was very excited.

I continued to pray and commanded his body into alignment. Each time I said it his hips and ribs actually straightened. Then he fell to the floor again, and I could see the Spirit of God moving on him. He was shaking and twitching and really burning up and sweating. I asked his mother again if this shaking and twitching was normal. She said the only other time she had seen him like that was when the Global team prayed for him last year. When he was three Heidi Baker was there and had prayed for him and he did it then.

I asked if he had asked Jesus into his heart and he said yes with a massive smile and told me he believed Jesus would heal him.

I prayed for almost an hour with him and in the end there was no physical change. It was the most I have ever seen the power of God touch someone. Afterwards he kept hugging me and thanking me and had the most beautiful smile. I went to shake his hand when we left and he pushed it away and hugged me again. I didn’t see the miracle healing I had believed for but it is one of the most special prayers and memories of my three teams. I pray that it was the beginning of a healing for him!

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