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Shingles 80% Healed

A 50-year-old female from the Netherlands reported having shingles since mid-December 2015 (about 4 weeks). She indicated she had pain and numbness from the right side of her back around to the front of her right side.

She reported the pain was about a 5 in back and about a 3 in front. The team commanded the shingles to be healed and pain to go, as well as feeling to return to normal. She tested it out after prayer and reported a reduction in pain and an increase in normal sensation. After praying twice, I discerned that she was struggling with something else causing stress, and she mentioned that her mother recently died and a ministry situation that occurred around Christmas that was stressful. The team spoke peace over her trauma and comfort. The team prayed again for her physical healing and she reported an 80% decrease in pain and almost all feeling returned.
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