Shot in Abdomen & Chest, Woman Survives to be Totally Healed by God!

At the Four Square Church this five people, including me, went to went to the intercession room where we prayed for that night’s service. We were blessed to have people from the Brazilian team praying there as well. 

My friend, Joe, found out that one of the ladies had been shot two years ago in the chest and abdomen and one of her major organs had been affected. The physician had told the family that she had two hours to live. Fortunately, she survived. But with that came a lot of baggage. Joe prayed for her and she fell over by the weight of God’s glory. Shortly after, Joe called me over to continue to minister to her. While I was praying, she burst out in joyous laughter. We both were now laughing hysterically. Eventually, I helped her up from the floor. After I left, she shared with an interpreter who shared with Joe, that she experienced a miracle. She was completely emotionally healed and became whole again and could not thank me enough. To God be the glory! – Chris

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