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Shoulder Pain Gets 100% Healed

At Central Baptist Church, a lady came up during the ministry time and requested prayer for her shoulder which she demonstrated could not be lifted up past 45 degrees without pain. Our prayer time went exactly like the training said!  We prayed for the shoulder and it got about 25% better and her smile and surprise was precious.  We prayed a 2nd time and she could now raise her arm about 70% of the way up and she was beaming.  We prayed a 3rd time and she said with a big smile that she was about 90% healed and showed that her arm could be raised to almost straight up but not quite.  There was a line of people waiting for prayer, so I told her, through the translator, that 80% healing is a miracle and that often the full healing will show up over the next 24 hours.  She believed it, thanked me and the translator and went away happy.  But 10 min later she came back with her arm raised straight up and a huge smile and told the translator it’s 100% healed!!  It was so much fun to see a prayer time like that.  They were fairly short prayers each time and each time they produced results that could be seen.

Brad A, Pastor

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