Singapore – Full Deliverance!!

Full Deliverance! Francine, a Bible school student about 30 years old. She said she felt something moving on the left side of her stomach, moving up and down. I felt it was a demon but I didn’t say that. I said, let’s invite the Kingdom and ask the Lord what it is. We did and I got “fear” and “lying” but I didn’t say anything. She said lying and we invited the Holy Spirit and the blood and she started choking and retching. I asked her to break all agreement with the spirits. She got determined and did it. She coughed, vomited and burped up thick mucus on to the floor. The altar workers got a plastic bag and she finished expelling into the bag. She started weeping and we finished praying. She was sooo happy and she said. “I felt it leave,” and she confirmed that it was all completed and gone. We prayed and I gave her some instructions to keep free. She said that she had felt this as a teenager but it had gone for several years. Then as she was in Bible school and going into ministry, it had come back. She said she used to have rage and anger as well. So I think it was tied to those things as well. She said
she felt totally free and her eyes were shining. FREEDOM!!

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