Singapore – Esther in a Wheelchair

I was drawn Esther in a wheel chair. I felt a compassion that was not mine. She was 9 years old, but very little and crippled. Her mother told me that when Esther was in the womb there was very little fluid, so during her pregnancy she did not move as there was no space for her to do so. As a result she did not develop normally. Her joints were not visible in her hands, no movement in her hands, her spine was not normal, unable to support her neck, unable to swallow so she was fed through a bag connected to her stomach. She was also deaf and could not speak. I commanded all nutrients she did not receive while she was being formed to be delivered from heaven and take the place in her body where they belong. I commanded her joints and every organ to be created. I called Esther to become the person she was created to be and take her place in the world. I told her that she is not an accident and that we need her here on earth. I did not see much physical change but I know that she felt very loved. She followed me with her eyes and smiled at me several times.

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