Singapore – Bladder Control and Infections

A lady came up to me before night worship and she asked for prayer for a “difficult thing”. She went on to say that for 6 years she has been incontinent and the doctors say they cannot do anything for her to regain her bladder control. She continually had bladder infection. Now she was very young (30s) but still single. We talked about the fact that she may want a husband and that nothing is too difficult for the Lord. When I laid hand on her I sensed that this affliction was due to a spirit of witchcraft and idolatry. Immediately she started manifesting, making snake like movements with her body and mouth. Her tongue would pock out and shake. I ministered deliverance and laid hands for healing she then started to feel like something was changing in the lower abdomen area. Again I prayed for her to be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit. She was so happy and thankful. She believed she is healed and so do I. I hope to see her tonight. Praise God!

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