Singapore – A Man following me

During Randy’s impartation for sacrificial self-offering for healing, signs and wonders, a man followed me as I walked back to my “station.” He said, “I want you to pray for me.” “What is it you want or see?” “I see something on you and want you to pray for me.” His name is Ariel. I took his hands and began to speak prophetically. Holy Spirit had an incredible Word for Ariel and had prepared me during morning worship with an image of an aircraft carrier (fighter jets, helicopters, coming and going, thousands of soldiers and air force; a floating city, an island). I understood at the time it was a person, an apostolic ministry for Nation. As soon as I started to pray for Ariel he acknowledged his hunger for the Lord’s anointing, “Give him what You’ve given me, Lord.”Then we were “off” in the prophetic download.

He is for the Nations; God is giving him an island and nations, etc. He is also a Barack chosen by God (for Asia Pacific) to serve as God’s Commander of the “Army.” He is to look for the Deborah whom God will link with him for the nations. She with the Word; He the Commander who will only fight at the direct Word of the Lord. Prophet, governor and commander. At the end of powerful impartation, Ariel’s wife comes and sits beside him. She loves Deborah (Judge over Israel). Turns out it was a divine appointment. In the morning, Ariel heard the Lord say there was someone he was going to meet who has His word for Ariel. Then He told Ariel the baron woman will rejoice … Susan.” The Lord told Ariel that he would see the Lord on the person. He is a pastor in Phillipines; they planted a new church on an island. They are in relationship with Bethel and Leif Hetland is their overseer. We rejoiced greatly! His ministry to me was out of the prophetic word of the Lord about baroness being cancelled (my denomination)

and this appointment was a destiny moment for both of us. (there is for me another aspect of that word: I am working with Baroness Caroline Cox, a member of the UK Parliament, know as “The Voice of the Voiceless,” to develop a conference in NY where she will speak. A baroness is a female baron. How much fin is this?!

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