Singapore – A Horrible Accident

I prayed for a couple who had been in a horrible accident in China while on a ministry trip. Both had been injured and many surgeries later they were still suffering enormously from pain and trauma. The wife was in a wheel chair after breaking both femur bones, all ribs, her wrist, her jawbone, the bone above her eye and other areas. The husband had a torn off shoulder, broken ribs and facial bones, torn sciatica, an injured back and an injured ankle. While praying for them, I broke off trauma and the memories of the accident impact. I blessed all their wounds and commanded healing into every area.

As a result, they reported freedom and peace for the first time since the accident. Both felt heat and surges of electricity through their bodies. Both cried under the presence of Holy Spirit. Ross, the husband, had the sensation that his toes and foot and ankle were being healed. He felt heat and tingling where there had been no sensation at all since the accident. He felt the same in sciatica and where there had been constant pain, now there was none. I also prayed over one of their team members who was also in the accident but did not receive many injuries. She had guilt and trauma, which were broken off completely she said. Hallelujah!

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