Singapore – Deliverance after Neck/Shoulder Healed

A woman (she had accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior) asked prayer for multiple symptoms. After a short interview I learned that she had just divorced and she was going through some very tough times mentally. I started to pray for the physical conditions (pain in the neck/shoulder area), and she started to feel heat in her neck/shoulder. She did not get completely healed, but she started burping heavily while I prayed for her. I continued to interview her about any bondage to new age. 

She mentioned that as a young adult she had participated in something that she was not fully aware of what it was. I also asked if there was anyone that she would need to forgive, and she said that she probably needed to forgive both of his parents. I led her to forgive both his father and mother. While I was praying for her she started gagging heavily. There was a member of the Cornerstone deliverance team next to me, and I asked her to help me pray for this woman. Together we lead this woman to close all doors through which the unhealthy spirits had entered to her life. We prayed for the woman and asked the Holy Spirit for guidance. Together we thanked God for what He had done, and this woman agreed to have another appointment with the Cornerstone Church deliverance team this week. She seemed very much better than she was before. ~Tero

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