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Singapore – Neck and Shoulder Pain

A young woman came forward for prayer for neck and shoulder pain. I put both hands around her neck and prayed several times with no results. I felt heat in my hands, but she felt absolutely nothing. I told her honestly I didn’t know what else to pray. I silently asked the Lord for help. Then I said maybe there’s someone you need to forgive. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you anyone you need to forgive—we’ll just wait for a minute. Almost immediately, she said she needed to forgive her mother who had told her she was worthless, lazy and wouldn’t amount to anything. I knew that was the key. She forgave her mother, and I broke off her the curse of the negative words her mother had spoken. I blessed her, called her into her destiny and had her bless her mother. I put my hands back on her neck, prayed briefly, and she was healed. I was so excited. Praise the Lord!

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