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Singapore – Woman not in control.

A lady began wrestling with two members on our team. She was violent and it was clear she was in control. We thought she was demonized at first; however after a while I discerned that there was no demonic presence! In a while she was able to declare that she is a child of God and God’s blood has covered her, etc. After her manifestation dialed down, I found out that she came in looking for her brother and she didn’t know why or how she started manifesting and while she was always present, she couldn’t control her actions. I led her to pray and ask Holy Spirit what it was all about. I realized it was the Holy Spirit using her to prophetically manifest a “wrestling” in the spirit realm. Her manifestation was a warfare intercession. I walked her through what I felt it meant, named her gift, released insight over her and apologized for how we had gotten it wrong initially and added to her confusion by trying to cast out a non-existent demon in her.

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