Sisters Set Free From Tormenting & Afflicting Spirits

Rocio and Lucinez were sisters who were having pain in their backs and chests and suffered from oppression, depression and suicidal thoughts. When I prayed for them one at a time, demons manifested.

The spirits tried to suffocate and choke them and moved to parts of their bodies causing pain. They were tormenting and afflicting spirits. At one point, Rocio tried very hard but couldn’t speak. She was choking about to vomit and had burning pain in her eyes. There were spirits of suicide and death on both sisters. Rocio was set free and spirits manifested again in Lucinez during the worship time. She fell when I placed my hand on her and prayed for her. While she was on the floor, I ministered to her as The Lord led me and she started saying some personal situations that were an open door for demonic activity. So I rebuked the demon that was manifesting because she was having strong pain in her stomach/belly again. So after commanding the demon to be gone, I told her she needed to close that door that was giving access to the demonic presence and activity in her life. She said she understood. Then she told me they were going to bring Rocio’s daughters to the service tomorrow. She said they had been having similar issues. Despite saying she was attending this church, I believe Rocio received Jesus as Savior and Lord for the first time. After praying, she received her deliverance and her countenance changed completely and she smiled and hugged me tightly for a long time. She prayed with me to The Lord for her deliverance and salvation.

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