Six Years of Pain Ends with Forgiveness and Healing Prayer

In Marilia, Brazil, Adriana, a woman in her early 40s, came to me quickly as ministry began. She showed me an area on the left side of her abdomen that had been painful for the last 6 years. When I asked if she had a diagnosis, Adriana said the doctor could find nothing wrong. She permitted me to lay my hand on the area to pray. I began by asking Holy Spirit to come and remove the pain in Adriana, then proceeded to command all inflammation and pain to leave her organs and tissue, in Jesus’ name. Adriana seemed to be experiencing more pain, so I stopped to ask if this was the case. She said that she did have increasing pain. I inquired whether she had any unforgiveness toward anyone. Adriana admitted that there was someone. I told her that I believed God would heal her if she would forgive the person and asked her if she would pray to the Lord and repent for her bitterness and ask for forgiveness. Immediately Adriana prayed a personal prayer in Portuguese. When she finished, I began to pray, but again she felt pain. I asked Adriana if there was another person who needed forgiveness, perhaps herself. She thought for a moment, then said it was indeed herself. She prayed again to the Lord asking for forgiveness for taking onto herself what she should have given to Him. Then I prayed, my hand on the place where Adriana felt pain, one last time. I asked the Father to send His Holy Spirit in power to heal Adriana. Then I commanded the foul spirit of affliction to leave and not return, in Jesus’ name. I commanded all inflammation and pain to leave and for all tissue and organs to be healed and at peace, in the name of Jesus. When I asked about her pain level, Adriana said all pain had left her. She hugged me and thanked me for the prayers. I reminded her that Christians have the authority to command the afflictions to go in Jesus’ name. She hugged me tightly once again before leaving – thanking me, saying, “Obrigada! Obrigada! Obrigada!”       – Stephanie, Homemaker

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