Skateboarder’s Injuries Are Healed On The Spot

There was a skateboard park with lots of young folk enjoying themselves. Another team member from Nigeria and I approached a young man(late 20s?) and began to chat.  His name was Alexis and was Danish.  We introduced ourselves and told him where we were from, and what we were doing. After some preamble, when he indicated he was not a religious person, we asked him how we could pray for him, as Jesus really loved him and wanted to build a relationship with him. He declined and said he was fine, but was happy to chat.

 I asked him if he had had hurt himself on his skateboard, and as he started to tell us that he was off work because of an injury, you could see the pieces coming together. I asked him where he was in pain, and he said he had pain in his neck, behind the ear, where he had cracked his head in fall. I had a huge rise of faith and told him the Jesus was going to heal his neck because He wanted to show him how much He loved him. I put my hand on his neck a prayed “Be healed in Jesus name.”  There was some change. As I prayed the second time his face lit up in amazement. He moved his head around, and declared that all pain had gone!

We repeated that Jesus was showing him how much he loved him. We asked if he wanted to commit to this relationship right then, but he hedged. We asked if any of his friends needed healing (We were on a Robbie roll!), and he mentioned his friend but he was out of reach.  However he was interested in the church meeting (I explained it would not feel religious at all), and he accepted a Luke’s gospel eagerly.

Jonathan Marks, Retired

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