Sovereign Healing of Right Ear. Woman with Anxiety Healed

I gave a word of knowledge about pain or discomfort in the right ear. Jonathan was healed when the word was given. He came up and told me he was a hundred percent pain free. We praised the Lord together.


We also prayed for a lady who had an anxiety disorder. We told her that Alexandra was healed earlier that day of the same problem. That is why God brought her to our line. We asked her if this runs and her family and she said no. She also asked that we pray for her marriage. We asked her to bring her husband up so that we could pray with both of them. We prayed for unity and a strong three chord strand that would not be broken. We prayed for healing and her marriage. We also prayed that the Holy Spirit’s presence would overwhelm them wherever they go and change the environment that they are in. – Kimberly and Alexandra


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