Spinal Arthritis Healed

I prayed for a woman who had painful arthritis in her upper spine since she was 15 years old. I felt that maybe there was trauma or unforgiveness. She said she had to start working when she was 15. I had her prophetically take off the burden that was not hers to carry and throw it on the ground. We commanded arthritis to go, and she said the pain moved from her back to her forearms. So, I commanded the spirit of infirmity to go. Her body twitched very slightly, and then I prayed for a release of the Holy Spirit. Her hands started shaking, and she said they were hot. I asked if it was a good heat or bad, and she said it was good. So I blessed what God was doing and prayed for more. Then we praised the Lord for 100% of the pain was gone! As I walked away the pain that I had in my own neck for months popped and didn’t hurt anymore.

Elizabeth, Real Estate Agent

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