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Spiritual Interference Ends for Young Woman

I prayed for a woman who was responding to the word of knowledge I had given. She didn’t have pain at the moment, but she said she felt as if God was telling her to come up. 

During the interview process I found out that her name was Brona/Bruna (or something like that) and that she would get headaches only when she was listening to teachings about God. That’s when God put the thought into my head that it could be spiritual interference since it only came when she was pressing in or learning more about God. When I prayed for her I used a prayer of declaration and commanded the spirit to leave in the name of Jesus. Then I started speaking to the symptoms and petitioned God and declared that the pain would never come back in the name of Jesus because God had given us the ability to walk in the fullness of life that He had given. – Ariel 

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