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Interview With John Rolf

  • Jeff Myers

Interviewer: Jeff Myers

Jeff: Give us an overview of your life story.

John: I’m from Lufkin, TX. It’s a little town in the Piney Woods of Deep East Texas. I was born, raised and lived most of my life in that area. I grew up in church, got baptized as a kid on Easter; but it was just religious routine. I didn’t really meet Jesus until I was 16 when I had a youth leader who took me under his wing and saw the call of God on my life for ministry. I began leading worship at that point and getting really involved in ministry. I knew at 17 that I was called to give my life to full time ministry.

After high school, I studied radio, television and film. During college I took my first official ministry job as a youth pastor at a small church in Palestine, TX. I had a youth group of about ten and found out pretty quickly that youth ministry wasn’t my calling!

In my early days of ministry I served in local churches as a worship pastor and also travelled as a worship leader with a Baptist evangelist. It was during that time that I met my wife, Jessica. We actually first met when we were four because we were in the same preschool class. She still has the class photo with both of us in it! We’ve been married for almost 15 years and have two young sons.

So since 1997 I’ve served in vocational ministry, and before coming to Global, I was the Senior Worship Arts Pastor at a large church in the DFW area for 8 ½ years.

Jeff: When was your first connection to Global Awakening?

John: In Dallas, my wife had been hanging out with some spirit-filled ladies. My background and theology was far from charismatic and I was really skeptical. I thought they were all nuts but I knew my wife wasn’t! Over a 2-year period of watching my wife and hearing some of her experiences, I opened up a bit. She arranged for the lady who led the group to prophesy and minister to me. They never mentioned “prophecy”, they just said “Hey, can we pray for you after the church service.” I was clueless that I was being set up.


We use terms like impartation, activation, baptism in the Spirit – all those different things. Whatever you want to call it, I got it ALL when she laid hands on me. I resisted it at first and was freaked out, but f

inally just said yes to God. I said, “Okay God, this has to be you. Whatever you want to do, I’m yours.” God took over and I started to vibrate and tremble and had the most significant encounter of my life. I got full on whacked! The effects and manifestations of that encounter lingered for over 2 weeks. I was like, what in the world is happening to me? I cried, I shook, I laughed, I got a prayer language. God started speaking to me in dreams in an overwhelming way. I got a boldness to start praying for people and started seeing healings and miracles. It all happened so quickly and I was legitimately clueless, so I started looking for training and ways to grow. That’s when I ran across Randy and Global Awaken

ing. A couple years later, I attended the Awakened to Destiny conference in Dallas. That was when I had my first physical touch with Global and it was a defining moment in our lives.

Jeff: What is your role at Global Awakening?

John: My title is Director of Media; which covers Graphics, Web, IT and Media. My department handles all the video production, live streaming of events and the media that you purchase in the bookstore. We handle all of the graphics and print material and also manage the entire web presence for the ministry. Our team stays busy!

Jeff: What is the greatest miracle or testimony that you’ve ever filmed or edited?

John: Probably the first one that jumps out at me was a lady in Brazil on an IMT trip. I wa

s filming during an evening church service and on the other side of the room I hear this scream. It was blood curdling and everyone in the room turned to try and see what was going on. I went running over there with my camera. A crowd had formed and people were saying, “This lady’s eyeball is growing back!” I pressed through the crowd and it was true. Her eye was reforming in the socket. It was crazy!

Jeff: Is it true you were named after the husband of Pocahontas?

John: No, but I probably am related! He had an “e” at the end of Rolfe and my family actually used to have an “e” at the end. My great-grandfather stowed away on a ship from Southampton, England to the States. When he arrived at the port, for some reason they made him drop the “e”.

Jeff: Which came first, building motorcycles or learning your first video editing software?

John: Editing software… but restoring vintage motorcycles is my favorite hobby right now. I have a weird obsession with taking old crusty worn out stuff and bringing it back to life. So the only resurrections I’ve seen so far are a couple of old bikes!

Jeff: Over the next five to ten years, what do you hope to see from your department in media? Where are you going to take it?

John: I’d like to see our resources tailored to a broader audience than just the Global stream. I’d like to change things around to where this movement is more accessible outside of the normal crowd. I don’t know exactly what that looks like yet, but video and web is where everything is happening right now. The world is more connected today than anytime in history and we have a massive opportunity to use media to see even more people step into what we’ve experienced.

John Rolf photographAbout John Rolf
John is the Media & IT Director for Global Awakening, overseeing a team of 7 employees. His team is in charge of all print & digital graphics, video production, marketing, the online presence for all of our ministries, and IT services. Editor’s Note: Jeff Myers, the interviewer of this article has since resigned and moved into a new season in his life and ministry. We rejoice with the Myers family at what God is doing in and through them!


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