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Step Into a New Season & Get Un-stuck

Seasons are meant to change. Imagine if autumn lasted forever: no restful sleep of winter, no rejuvination of spring, no basking warmth of summer, just endless transition. Thank goodness for change (unless you live near the equator!). It’s not meant to be that way in our lives either: God wants us to go from season to season, to grow and change inwardly and outwardly, but often times we end up getting stuck in one season.

In today’s video, William Wood gives us insight into what causes us to get stuck in one life-season, plus practical keys for breaking out of ruts and stepping into the next season that God has for us.

The degree to which you yield to the Holy Spirit is the degree to which you can live like Jesus.

What do you want your life to look like? What is God calling you to? Whatever it is, you’re meant to live & look like Jesus, who always walked in the fullness of His destiny. Even if life is going great for you, you’re not off the hook! The Holy Spirit compelled Jesus into the wilderness after His baptism, and often, God wants to send us into a wilderness season so we can discover, as William puts it, that Christ is our river-source. There are lessons we can only learn in a wilderness season, but often we as Christians avoid the wilderness.

The truth is, no matter what our lives look like right now, it is healthy to pause and go before God with an open heart, asking Him, “Am I stuck in my current season? In what way(s) am I rejecting your truth?”

Action Points This Week

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you any place where you are believing lies.
  2. Repent for believing the lies, and forgive anyone who has influenced you into those ungodly beliefs.
  3. Out loud, renounce your agreement with the lies.
  4. Ask Jesus what truth He wants to give you to replace the lies.
  5. Each day, declare the truth over yourself and ask God to help you step into what He has for you.

God can only take you to the level of your “yes”. Every time you embrace a truth you destroy a lie, and therein lies the key for breakthrough.

God has designed us to grow by embracing His truth to replace the lies we believe. As we do that, we move forward. The season changes. Don’t be afraid of the change; embrace it! For in the change, we find new depths and heights in God. Even in winter, even in the wilderness, we find — if we will allow ourselves to see it — that Jesus is with us to bring refreshing and to grow us into maturity.

Your wilderness season is meant to grow you into maturity, to teach you that Jesus is your source of refreshing and life. Discover more tools for growth through William’s full message here (book and downloads available) →

Let’s all press into God’s truth this week so that we can step into whatever He has next for each of us. Don’t lose heart! We’re in this together, and God is for you.

PS) This is just a small piece of William’s message, “Walking in the Wilderness”. There is so much gold to discover when we see the wilderness season from God’s perspective. I heartily recommend William’s book on this topic, which will inspire you and give you practical tools for getting un-stuck and for growing in Spirit-empowered maturity. Click to learn about his book →

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