Mark Chironna: Stewarding the Prophetic

Stewarding the Prophetic – Mark Chironna

We just had Voice of the Prophets conference, and this video is a free resource we sent out to all attendees…

Every prophetic word, every inner prophetic sense comes with a call to rise up and partner with Jesus. When you hear a message delivered from the stage or when you receive a personal prophetic encouragement, you are immediately challenged to say “YES!” to the word, and to then partner with the Spirit of God to step into the reality of what has been prophesied.

  • We encourage you to think back on all that transpired during Voice of the Prophets, and ask the Holy Spirit to integrate all that He did into your life. Ask Him for some key declarations you can make over the next few weeks to solidify a “yes” in your heart over all that God said and did.
  • Write down any prophetic words you received, whether it was during the one-on-one presbytery time or a passing encouragement that someone gave you, or even an inner sense you had. It’s important to write down the word of the Lord and make it plain.
  • Tell someone! This is especially true if you received a directive word, but also applies to anything that you’ve received from God: take it to trusted friends, pastors, etc so that it can be linked-up with your community of faith. Take it seriously, and joyously engage with God and others in seeing His will for you manifest!
  • This is a great time to look back on past words you’ve received and integrate them into the new thing that God is saying to you.

— Paul Martini, Director of Events

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