Stomach Pain Goes after Afflicting Spirit Cast Out!

A woman came for prayer after hearing a word of knowledge about her condition. She had left sided stomach pain for seven or eight years that would travel to her back. She had gone to the doctor who told her she had gallstones. 

I asked if she was a follower of Christ and she said, “Yes”. I commanded the gallstones to dissolve in Jesus’ name and commanded the afflicting spirit to leave. She said she felt heat in her stomach and fell to the ground. I asked Holy Spirit to continue to do more.

She then stood up and said that the stomach pain was gone but it was now in her back. I commanded the afflicting spirit to leave. The pain traveled to her right hip and thigh. I prayed again for the afflicting spirit to leave and she said that the pain left. She began to bend and twist without pain. – Carmeal

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