Stomach Problems Healed

A young woman, around 18 years old came forward for prayer. She had stomach problems with vomiting. She was in pain. I did not have an interpreter. I prayed for her in Portuguese, using the phrases the team had been given. I invited the Holy Spirit to come, told pain to go, and her body to be healed. As I prayed she started swaying like she might fall back.

Her body was totally relaxed but not limp. Her face was expressionless. She seemed to be unconscious. There were lots of people close and no clear spot on the floor to place her. I held her up for twenty seconds or so while I motioned for someone to help me. Then, we moved people out of the way and helped her down to the floor on her back. Even though getting her down was awkward; she stayed completely relaxed and unconscious. As she laid on the floor, her hands which were lying over her abdomen started shaking a little. After about 2 minutes, she got up suddenly, smiling and had tears running down her cheeks. I found an interpreter. I asked her what happened to her during prayer. She said that she felt fire in her stomach and all the pain left. Praise the Lord!

– Cynthia 

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