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Street Ministry Brings Multiple Healings

In the neighborhood near the church we saw a lady mopping the veranda of her house. I introduced myself and asked if she had any needs we could pray for. She said, “No.” 

Then I asked her if she had any hip pain. She said, “Yes,” and invited us in. She had neck and shoulder pain, pain in her left arm from a break that did not heal properly and hip pain. As we prayed, God healed her of all of the pain. God healed everything – her neck, shoulder, arm, hip, and even in her right wrist, which she had not previously mentioned! She was emotional and excited.

Down the street we saw an old lady who David thought had back pain. She did and she invited us in. As she sat down in her living room she was trembling and teary. She had very bad headaches and back pain. After prayer, she was healed of both and moving her head and twisting her back with no pain at all. She then asked us to pray for her alcoholic son who was too emotional to tell us what was happening as we prayed. God was really touching him. We blessed the family and left.

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