We asked & you answered.

We are so thankful for the role you play in advancing, enhancing, and making Global Awakening the best we can be. We strive for excellence, and could not do it without your help. Your voice and input is heard and appreciated.

A few weeks ago, we sent a survey to our entire email list, and we receieved nearly 2,000 responses. So many of you took time to answer the questions and leave extra feedback; as a result, we have made adjustments to the layout of the newsletter, the information it contains, and the frequency at which we send it, so that you can get the most out of what is being presented!
Look for these updates:

  • Bi-weekly emails focusing on events, discounts, testimonies, educational opportunities, and general news.
  • The layout will be mobile app friendly, making it easy to scan the headlines.
  • The latest Twitter updates from Global Awakening's speakers.
  • No repeat content! We're taking out content that's stagnant, so that you will always have new information in each edition.
  • We're safeguarding the email list, so that no more than one email goes to the entire list in any given week. This is part of what we're doing to upgrade our web presence, and give you better content, carefully curated to your needs.


Thank you for your imput, and we hope to keep this communication process in the future!

-Global Awakening Media Department