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Woman’s Swollen Knee Healed

The final evening in Ribeiro Y Preto while I was praying for people at the end of the service a woman came to me with her daughter. We had no interpreter so we were not able to easily communicate. The woman (mom) pointed to her right knee. 

Her knee was swollen to double the size of her left knee and she could not kneel or bend it well. She had a long cloak on over her jeans so I could not see the knee unless she pulled it aside. I had her and her daughter put their hands on her knee and I prayed for her touching both their hands. I prayed simple commands for the knee to come to the normal size, to cease hurting and to become flexible and normal in Jesus name. As I prayed she shut her eyes and shook.

She pulled the cloak aside and the swelling had gone down to 1/2 the size that it was. I led them in praise and thanks and then repeated the process twice. Each time the swelling reduced. The final time there was no difference in size between each knee. She jumped up and down, praising, weeping and shouting. Then she knelt down and stood up and knelt and stood up. She communicated that there was no pain at all and she showed me she could bend her knee completely in every direction.

We praised God and then she shook and fell down. I prayed for her daughter and she shook and laughed and fell down laughing and praising for about 15 minutes. Praise Jesus!

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