Multiple Health Issues Healed by the Hand of God

I prayed for a man who had a torn rotator cuff, pinched nerve, sciatica in lower back and high blood pressure. I asked him if he was in pain in his shoulder and he said yes if he tried to raise his arm away from his side. 

He could only raise it half way up before he was in pain. I prayed commanding pain to go and the rotator cuff to be healed. He immediately felt heat and the beginning of healing from the pain with 70% improvement. I briefly prayed another time commanding healing and took another report asking him to check it out. He raised his arm over his head and swinging it round in a circular motion completely healed.

I was then going to pray for the damaged nerve and disk in his lower back causing the sciatic pain down his leg but Holy Spirit told me to have him check it out because he had already been healed. He did by slowly bending over to touch his toes which he could not do and went all the way to the floor with no pain. He was completely healed.

I then told him that Jesus who had healed his arm and back could and would heal him of his high blood pressure. when I prayed and was to expect Him to make him completely whole including the blood pressure. I prayed the prayer of faith commanding his blood pressure to be normal and all healing to his blood vessels. He felt heat. I blessed what God was doing and thanked the Lord for completely healing him.

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