Taiwan – Fear, Anxiety and Concern with ADHD

One woman came with her 18-month-old son in her arms. She wanted me to pray against fear, anxiety and concern that her son was developing ADHD. I asked if anything was going on during her pregnancy. She reported having a lot of bitterness with her mother-in-law. I asked if she could forgive her. She said she had, but I could tell it was still a struggle. I had her forgive the mother-in-law again and ask God to keep helping her with her mother-in-law. She prayed. Then I prayed against any fear or anger that may have affected her son while he was in her womb. I commanded fear, anger and anxiety to leave her son. Then I prayed against ADHD and asked God to rewire her son’s brain. I prayed for God’s love and peace
and blessings on her son. I prayed God’s healing for her and blessings to impart more of the Lord to her. She was in tears through all this.

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