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Taiwan – A Woman Deaf Can Now Hear

When I was registered to join ministry team for the Kingdom Culture Conference, I had some worries and burdens. I was worried about whether God would perform miracles when I pray for healing, but on the other hand, I had deep burdens for so many lost souls, especially in Taiwan since I was born there and understood how strong and dark the spiritual warfare in that area is. I asked brothers and sisters in my church to pray for me and I also kept praying for this trip.

Finally my husband (a pastor) and I arrived in Taiwan, the second day we started toserve as members of healing ministry prayer team. Even though we were tired because of long traveling, but we were excited to be part of the ministry team in the conference. During the conference one day, I was found myself standing before a lady who was deaf in one of her ears for many years. She had two sisters with her asking for healing. Honestly, even though I knew “the deaf will hear” in Bible, I never had prayed for it before. I asked her to cover her good ear and called her name from a short distance; she couldn’t hear anything and stood there like nothing happened. I put my hand on her ear and prayed “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command the deafness to leave now.” Then I tested her and she was still the same. Suddenly, there was a thought in my mind; I asked her “Were you baptized to be a Christian? “No,” she said. “Do you believe Jesus Christ as your Savior and can heal you?” I asked, “Yes.” she said. “You come to ask Jesus to heal you, you must believe that He can heal you, and then you will be healed”, I said to her. She answered, “Yes. I believe Jesus can heal me.” I put my hand over her ear again, prayed for hearing again, and called her name.

This time she could hear some noise, but very subtle. I prayed again, this time, she heard her name called but she said she felt there was something like a thin film covered her ear. I prayed one more time, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command the deafness to leave now”. Then I called her name from a distance, she turned and heard it. Both of her two sisters were so excited for her. They were overjoyed. I was shocked by this result. This was the first time in my many years Christian life to experience such a miracle. After this time, God had healed one more deaf person and a semi blind woman through me during the conference. My faith increased, the worries were gone. I started to love to pray for the sick, want to pray for the sick, because I know now God will heal them and He is the one who performed the miracles not me. What a joy it is to be used by God!

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