Taiwan – Deliverance Room

We went to the deliverance room during the meeting and after half an hour of worship there, the ushers began to bring in women who had manifested during prayer or worship. Mei and Susan and an interpreter began with a woman who had many people to forgive—a mother who had given her to the mother’s sister for adoption when the woman was in middle school, a relative who had bullied her and two relatives who had sexually abused her. The woman was a theology student in her 20’s. During the prayer time she coughed and vomited slightly and rolled around on the floor several times. After leading her through prayers of forgiveness and breaking off curses and helping her repent for self- rejection, commanding demons to leave and speaking love and filling of the Holy Spirit to her, Mei left to join another group while the woman rested, exhausted after an hour of prayer. When she was ready to continue, Gillian and Susan prayed with her to complete closing any doors and commanding any remaining demons to leave. Afterwards, she said she felt free and her rhinitis (which we didn’t realize she had) was completely gone.

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