Taiwan – Healed of Parkinson’s

We met a woman in the pre service prayer who had Parkinson’s disease for three years and she was sitting in a wheelchair shaking when we found her. We prayed for around 10 minutes and the shaking started to stop in her hands and legs. She could make a fist after this prayer when she couldn’t before and she was able to lift her legs more than before. We got her up and started to get her to walk. She was able to walk better than before as she didn’t drag her feet anymore but close to the stage she felt a bit weak. We sat her down and the shaking started a bit again so we stopped and prayed for another 15-20 minutes and in that time I sung over her and worshipped. She moved to the doctors at the front and something shifted and she started jumping up and down! The healing was confirmed by doctors and then she walked off to her original seat while we weren’t looking. We found her in the same spot we originally met her, embracing her sister, and we hugged and cried together. It was a really special moment.

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