Global Awakening

Taiwan – Hearing Completely Restored

 A man came for prayer who was an atheist with deaf ears and had some kidney issues which made him go to the bathroom very frequently. He wanted me to pray for this problem first. To my surprise, the Holy Spirit quickly declared “it is finished.” I told the man Jesus already healed him there. “Let’s pray for your ears.” I commanded the ears to hear and snapped my fingers next to his ears.

He started to hear sound. I declared Jesus love and perfect will over him, then snapped my fingers and he heard more. I took his hearing aids out. He praised Jesus his love for me and snapped my fingers and he could hear more. They both were overwhelmed with joy and the love of Jesus. He was so excited. I asked him if he was ready to ask Jesus to come live in his heart and He did. I asked him to say “Jesus, I love you! Thank you for healing me.” As he said this he heard more and more until he could hear clearly. ~Sharon

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