Taiwan – Lady in need of comfort

Lady we prayed for had three problems including heartache and headache. We found out her husband, with whom she was still living, had been unfaithful and committed adultery. We prayed into the hurt and pain of betrayal and for God to come and comfort her. She cried a lot. God really came close to her and comforted her with his love and affirmation. Our compassion gave her release. We prayed for her knees, which improved a lot. After we prayed again, her knees were 60 percent better.
Amos asked for forgiveness on behalf of her husband, and she was able to forgive him. We kept praying into the betrayal and read Isaiah 61:3 for her about how our sorrow/mourning is taken by God, and He gives us a garment of praise. We prayed for an exchange for her, and the Holy Spirit touched her heart deeply. She gave her sorrow to God and experienced lightness as it was released. She praised God with a big smile on her face. Her headache was totally gone.

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