Taiwan – Little Girl’s Legs grow 3 Inches

On the last night of the Kingdom Culture Conference, a lady approached me to pray for her daughter. As the daughter and lady approached, I asked what she wanted and she replied that her daughter had stopped growing and she wanted her to grow. I wasn’t sure how to proceed, so I asked her to sit down. One of the Taiwanese team members held the girls legs out and placed them on his leg. 

As we quickly commanded the growth plates to unlock, the right leg shot out about an inch. Then the left leg followed, but not quite as much. We prayed again and the right leg grew again about an inch and the left leg was a little short in its growth. We prayed again and the right leg again shot out 2 inches and finally the left leg grew even as well. As near as we could tell, the girl grew 3.5-4 inches! Then, the woman asked me to pray for her husband, who was balding. We had to report back to the room for a meeting, so I was walking with him with my hand on his head! Don’t know what happened with him, but what a night! ~Doug

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