Taiwan – Manifestation of Darkness

Some of the Global team was invited to go into the deliverance room to pray impartation to the deliverance & healing team. A girl was brought into the room by 4 people. She was manifesting and had to be held back because she was hitting herself. It was quite difficult to discern if the manifestation was darkness or light.

The girl continued motioning with her hands in the air for a long time and as I prayed for her. I noticed that at times, her hands looked like she was playing a musical instrument, at time caressing her face, making signs (which I deciphered to be Buddhist worship signs), slapping her face, then strangling her own throat. I called Arlin over and told him that I don’t think it is the Holy Spirit.

Arlin did deliverance by getting her to renounce all false gods, ancestor worship and snake god (word of knowledge from me). He also asked if she had thought of suicide and she said yes. Arlin got her to ask for forgiveness and freed her from spirit of death.

She got delivered and her countenance changed, she stopped shaking and her hands stopped motioning in the air. She was calm and smiling and able to stand up to walk out from the room.

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