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Taiwan – Nervous Twitchs a Curse

I had been born with a nervous twitch, probably a form of Tourette’s syndrome. That had been with me and was not a really big problem, but just more of a pain to live with—embarrassing and bothersome. We had been praying for staff at the Kingdom Culture Conference and I was late to hear Bill Johnson speak. I was walking out into the arena when I heard a distinct voice tell me to go to the right and as far as I could in the seats. I went to the top row seats and sat down. I felt a tangible hand lay on my right shoulder and a distinct voice—I want to call it audible because it wasn’t some small still voice in your mind. I knew it was the Holy Spirit. He told me he was going to heal me and said that the twitch was a generational curse as my aunt and some other family members have it. There was no heat or sensation other than I knew the “urge” for the twitch in my right eye was gone. It is now Sunday morning— two days later—and it’s still gone. Thank you, God. The level of healing, especially for eyesight, has definitely increased. I think there have been three or four healings now, including Deirdre on our team. Thank you, Jesus!

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