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Taiwan – Symptoms of Tumor Vanish

We prayed for an older woman who had a tumor inside the back of her head.  She said that when she would lie down, she would always feel a lot of pressure in her head, heaviness in her head, and hear a white noise sound because of the tumor.   We prayed for the holy fire of God to burn the tumor out in the name of Jesus.  She began to feel heat throughout her whole body. 

We rebuked the tumor and commanded it to dissolve and die in the name of Jesus.  Her body was exuding a lot of heat and she was sweating.  We asked her to lie down on the floor for awhile to see if those symptoms were still there.  She said her head had no pressure that the heavy feeling was gone, and there was no white noise!  And she felt great! She had no symptoms period!  (She will go verify with the doctor later) Thank You Jesus!
-Doug and Sean

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