Taiwan – Woman needing Deliverances

A woman had manifested and needed deliverance. When she was asked about forgiveness, she manifested and had an excruciatingly painful headache. She also had been in an accident and had back and leg pain. The demons lost the battle—spirits of trauma and fear left. We spoke into her the peace and love of the Father. The headache left and peace flooded her. She also had ringing in her ear. I had had a word of knowledge the previous afternoon in the hotel lobby—painful ringing in my ear that lasted about a minute. I thanked God for what He was about to do, blessed her ear and the ringing stopped entirely, and I spoke peace into it. She stood and we prayed a blessing and also prayed for her foot. I discerned “brace” and broke off all constraining braces and proclaimed freedom in her life. All pain left. She felt victory. I then spoke some prophetic words to her, calling her to the battle and prayed an impartation for healing, prophecy and discernment. She announced she had her sword, and she was going to fight. (We hadn’t mentioned a sword.) She was set free, healed, delivered, blessed, empowered and victorious, all in about 20 minutes. He is good. He is very, very good.

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