Team Member Healed of Hearing Loss

Fifteen months ago I had gone to an audiologist who told me that I had loss of hearing at higher frequencies. For most of the time it was not a problem but I could not pick out conversations when background noise was high. 

A busy restaurant was not a good place for me to be. I had asked for prayer that it would not get worse. A number of people had prayed for healing with no apparent result. I was not sure I should ask for prayer anyway because it would be asking God to reverse the natural aging process.

On Thursday evening Ed Rocha asked people with deafness to stand. I did not stand because he asked in Portuguese. When I realized what was happening, I did not stand because I would not be aware of healing if it did happen. Ed prayed and I felt nothing but as the evening went on the music sounded a little “brighter” in tone. Eventually I was able to put myself in a situation where I had previously been unable to hear a certain lady with a soft voice. Now I could hear her perfectly well!

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