Vision Problems Since Birth, Teen Has Sight Healed!

A 15-year-old boy came for prayer for his eyes. He had had bad sight since birth. He was nearsighted in one eye, was farsighted in the other and wore glasses. 

Without glasses everything was blurry, he could not read, recognize people from a distance or see details on clothing like a zipper. Without glasses he couldn’t even see that I was wearing glasses. I asked him to take off his glasses and I put my hands on his eyes and prayed for God’s presence to show up and for full restoration of his sight. I asked him if he could see some change. He said that his sight was a little better and that he felt some heat. So I prayed again for his eyes and that everything come in alignment. After the third time I prayed, he said that he could see clearly.

Two days later he told me he didn’t need his glasses anymore. 

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