Teen Set Free From Anger & Pain

A high school aged boy asked for prayer because he felt angry at his father and his church.  He expressed his fear that he would not be able to complete the ministry God had for him.  

I asked him to pray his own prayer leaving all the pain and anger he felt towards his father with Jesus at the cross.  Then I asked him if he was ready to tell the Lord he forgives his father.  After this, I told him, “The Lord wants you to know that He loves you, He is proud of you and He will always be with you.” This young man melted to his knees and spent several minutes sobbing before the Lord.  We continued with him as he laid down the pain he carried from his church situation at the feet of Jesus.  I asked him to look me in the eyes and said, “As a representative of the body of Christ I want to tell you that the church is meant to be a place where people are loved, accepted and empowered to be all the God destines them to be.  On behalf of the body of Christ, please forgive us for not being that for you.”  He melted again into tears until he settled into a place of peace and forgiveness.  I prayed for blessing and impartation to walk into the Lord’s destiny and encouraged Him to stay close to the Father’s heart to receive His love and hear His voice.  He surely walked away free and grateful.  What an inspiration to see a young man so courageous, honest and eager to press in with the Lord! – Lisa 

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