Teenager’s Eye Straightened!

At the evening meeting a mother brought her teenage son, Jardine, for prayer. His right eye was not correctly aligned. The pupil was visibly too far to the right. The translator, Fabiola, and I prayed with him.

We welcomed the Holy Spirit, and Jardine very quickly became engaged with God, his eyelids gently flickering. We commanded the right eye to be correctly aligned and the eye muscles to be strengthened. We did this twice in a period of about 5 minutes and then Jardine went over in the Spirit. He lay on the floor for just a few minutes, his eyelids continuing to flicker. When he came round he was tearful and excited. He told us that he had felt a pulsating in his eyes. Fabiola, a fourth year medical student, examined his eyes. She had him follow her finger with his eyes and found them to be perfectly aligned. Glory to God!

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